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 January 2, 2024


Community Input Sought to Help Enhance Local Workforce Programs and Initiatives

 The Greater Raritan Workforce Development Board (GRWDB) needs help from residents, the public, and employers to provide input and guidance about the GRWDB’s 2024 programs and initiatives in Hunterdon and Somerset counties. All Board and Committee meetings are open to the public for participation. The annual schedule and meeting agendas are posted on the “Events – Meeting Packages” webpage of the GRWDB’s website at Committee meetings begin in February.

To ensure publicly funded services and training programs are part of a workforce system that is flexible, seamless, and responsive to the needs of employers and job seekers, the GRWDB’s staff collaborate with a variety of federal, state, county, and local agencies, a full board comprised of different stakeholders and four committees focusing on different career-related areas.

The GRWDB’s four committees include a Disabilities Committee, a Literacy Committee, an Operations Committee, and a Youth Committee. Each committee meets at least four times a year and discusses issues, suggests solutions, and plans events around the GRWDB priorities. Staff ensures the time given by volunteers is used efficiently and respectfully.

While members of the full GRWDB Board are appointed by the Hunterdon and Somerset Board of County Commissioners, committee membership is open to any employer, resident or subject-matter expert working in either county who would like to offer their ideas, personal experiences, and input to help guide the GRWDB’s work in specific areas and broader strategic initiatives.

Contact Information

To find out how to join a GRWDB committee, call Director Paul Grzella at 908-541-5790 or email

For more information about committee meetings, go to the Events-Calendar tab on the GRWDB’s website at The annual calendar can be found here.

About the Greater Workforce Development Board
The GRWDB oversees federally and state-funded career and employment services for businesses and residents in Hunterdon and Somerset counties. Programs and initiatives are guided by a board of private business representatives, labor unions, community-based organizations, educational entities, and other partners who set larger policy initiatives based on metric-based, state-developed data, as well as direct customer and employer feedback.

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