The Communicable Disease Service (CDS) is providing the following guidance to assist acute care facilities, outpatient providers and public health officials with decisions concerning discontinuation of transmission-based precautions and home isolation. CDS is also providing two resources for patients diagnosed with COVID-19 and close contacts who may or may not have been tested. Please note this guidance may be updated as the information changes.

The three documents are attached:


Guidance for the Discontinuation of Transmission-based Precautions and Home Isolation for Persons Diagnosed with COVID-19:

This document provides guidance for when to discontinue isolation precautions for persons with COVID-19 in the inpatient and community setting. This guidance is subject to change as more evidence becomes available. This document is meant to serve as a guide and not to supersede any internal facility-level infection prevention policies and procedures.


Sample Discharge Instructions for Persons Diagnosed with COVID-19:

This document provides facilities with discharge instructions that may be given to persons diagnosed with COVID-19 while in their care. It provides guidance on home isolation, social distancing and any needed follow-up. Facilities may use this document as is or adapt the language for their own documents.


Frequently Asked Questions for Close Contacts of COVID-19 Patients and People Who’ve Been Tested:

This document is intended for persons who close contacts of COVID-19 patients and those who may or may not have been tested. It provides guidance on monitoring symptoms, home isolation and cleaning, social distancing and what to expect when/if they receive test result.

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