Tax Collector’s Office

Lunch hours may be subject to change.

Please email the tax office with any questions:

Diana Barnat – Tax Collector

(732) 356-0258 ext 116

The tax collector’s office bills and collects property taxes and sewer charges.  Taxes are based on assessed value and tax rate. Tax assessment cards are mailed from the tax assessor’s office. If you require the amount of taxes paid for income tax purposes, please send request to the tax collector’s office with a self-addressed envelope or email the tax collector.


Due Dates:

Taxes & Pilot                                                                      Sewer

1st Quarter – February 1st                                                              1st Period (Half) – June 1st

2nd Quarter – May 1st                                                           2nd Period (Half) – October 1st

3rd Quarter – August 1st

4th Quarter – November 1st



Taxes, Pilot, and Sewer have a 10-day grace period *. To avoid interest payment must be in our office by the 10th *.  Interest will be charged from the original due date to the date payment is received.  Delinquent notices are mailed after the grace period ends.  Delinquent Taxes, Pilot, and/or Sewer amounts will be Subject to Tax Sale (lien) and Costs.


Please notify the tax collector and tax assessor offices of any mailing address changes in writing.  Please notify the tax collector’s office if there are any mortgage company changes in writing.

Payment Options:

To make Tax, Pilot, and Sewer payments online go to:, go to useful links for “Online Tax Payments” or “Online Utility Payments.”

Online payments for properties with a Pilot, go to “Tax Look Up”, put your information in the PILOT/Sewer Account Information, there will be a tab option to pay either PILOT or Sewer.

Please note:  We imposed a surcharge on credit card payments that is not greater than our cost of acceptance.

Tax, Pilot, and/or Sewer payments can be mailed, placed in lock box (attached to trailer; no cash in box), or brought into the tax office (trailer) during office hours. Please include payment coupon with payment. Please do not staple or tape your payment coupon to your check. If you require a receipt, please include a self-addressed envelope with payment.

Mail and make checks payable to:

Borough South Bound Brook

12 Main Street

South Bound Brook, NJ  08880

Attn: Tax Collector’s Office



For information about State Property Tax Relief Programs, including eligibility criterion and potential deduction or credit amounts, please visit the Division of Taxation’s website at:

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