There has been some misinformation distributed regarding the process to have your gas service turned on by PSE&G


The following information will clarify the process:

  • The Borough is NOT authorized to inspect or work on PSE&G equipment. Gas meters and regulators are the sole possession of PSE&G and can only be inspected and worked on by PSE&G representatives.


  • If your appliances did not come in contact with flood waters, you can call PSE&G to turn on gas service to your dwelling.


  • If any of your appliances, such as your furnace, boiler, hot water heater, etc., came in contact with flood waters, you will need to have a LICENSED PROFESSIONAL (such as a licensed plumber or HVAC technician) contracted to repair or replace the damaged equipment.  After the repairs/replacement is completed, contact the Borough construction office to schedule an inspection.   After the replacement/repair has passed inspection, contact PSE&G to turn on your gas service. Please note that you need to apply for a permit to replace such appliances.


  • Please Note: You can request PSE&G come and isolate the damaged equipment (such as a furnace or hot water heater) and turn on the gas so your cooking appliances can be used.
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