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November 10, 2021

Somerset County Cultural & Heritage Hosts Veterans’ Art Exhibit

Artists Make Paper Canvases from Recycled Military Uniforms


SOMERVILLE, NJ – In recognition of Veterans Day, the Somerset County Cultural and Heritage Commission, the Office of Veterans Services and Frontline Arts are hosting an exhibit of poignant artwork by New Jersey veterans. The artists use an ancient process of turning fabric, in this case military uniforms, into handmade paper which they then use as a canvas. The artwork will be on display until Nov. 30, in the lobby of the County Administration Building, located at 20 Grove St., Somerville, NJ.

“This artwork is so amazingly profound and full of meaning that it tugs at your heart. Each piece so clearly shows the emotions, challenges, and pride our service members feel every day,” said Somerset County Commissioner Melonie Marano, Cultural and Heritage liaison. “We are truly honored to host this artwork at the County Administration building on Veterans Day.”

Artists who have contributed to the exhibit are members of Frontline Paper, a program for Veterans that are also run by Veterans, which provides a platform for participants to communicate their stories through various mediums. Frontline Paper is an initiative of Frontline Arts, a non-profit organization that strives to “bring communities together through socially conscious creations.”

Somerset County Cultural & Heritage Commission

The Cultural and Heritage Commission is a nine-member Commission appointed by the County Commissioners responsible for developing County programs to promote public interest in local and county history, in the arts and cultural values, goals, and traditions of the community, State and Nation.

Frontline Arts

Frontline Arts, formerly the Printmaking Council of New Jersey, is a non-profit organization that strives to connect communities through socially engaging arts practices that are rooted in papermaking and printmaking. The idea is to promote inclusion where everyone can engage in a brave space of commonality, connection, and empathy through the arts.

Frontline Paper Program on HBO

Frontline Paper, formerly known as Combat Paper NJ, began in Somerset County in 2011, by the Somerset County non-profit organization Frontline Arts. This year marks its 10th anniversary.  

The Frontline Paper program is part of the storyline in the recently released HBO independent feature  “This Is Not A War Story.” 


Somerset County Veterans Services

Veterans Services assist veterans and their families with housing searches, medical care, mental health counseling, childcare, job training, and temporary financial assistance. 

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